The Ekins Point Outstation is located at the northern most part of Gambier Island where Ramillies and Thornbrough Channels meet.  It is twenty-five miles from BYC.  The property is approximately 2.64 hectares (6.5 acres) with about 550 meters (1800 ft) of waterfront.  Ekins Point light (LL no. 428) serves as a convenient navigation aid and is on the property.  This place has an alluring serenity that, once discovered, always seems to promote return visits. 

The docks are large enough to accommodate a number of vessels, however, if you plan on staying overnight it is advisable to move to the inside.  There you are protected from wash, often brought forth by a tug passing by at 0300.  The ramp and pier allow you shore access.  On shore you will find a varied terrain that is, for the most part, quite walkable.  Green mossy meadows and cleared areas with picturesque views are all a part of the shore side, there for you to explore.  There are, however, steep and dangerous cliffs near the point.  Please be careful! Dockside, you will find a lot of space on our four 12 x 30 metre (40 x 100 ft.) docks and one (8 x 200 ft.) dock.  The docks support a pavilion, a fire pit and a large charcoal BBQ.  On the shore is a container which houses some tools and other supplies.  

Your Club key unlocks some locks including a lockbox containing keys for the other locks. If you unlock anything, please lock it before leaving.  Please sign the log book.

If you would like to contact the BYC Outstations Director and/or BYC Maintenance, please click here to access the email form.

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