Clementine Outstation

The Clementine Creek Outstation is located at the head of Indian Arm sixteen miles from BYC. It is abeam and to the east of the north shore of Croker Island.

Clementine Outstation

The outstation is 8.42 hectares (20.8 acres) and has over 200 metres (660 ft.) of waterfront. There are over 300 metres (1000 ft.) of moorage. A small pavilion is located on the docks at the foot of the ramp.  A large deck and pavilion are located ashore. Clementine has trails, barbecues, a huge fire pit, a horseshoe pitch, a beach, two outhouses and level ground for tenting.  Near the shore pavilion is a container that houses some tools and other supplies. Your Club key opens the container and some other locks. If you unlock a lock, please ensure you lock it before leaving. Creek water is piped to the docks, but is unfiltered and untreated and therefore unsuitable for filling your water tanks. Black bears are occasional visitors so children and pets should be closely supervised. Please sign the log book.

If you would like to contact the BYC Outstations Director and/or BYC Maintenance; please email or

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